Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back to BookCrossing

Now that I am settling into work, the weekly routine, and living in London, I have finally attended my first London BookCrossing MeetUp last night, since moving over here.

I have missed the regular meets that I attended back in Melbourne, and not having been to a group since the core Melbourne gang came to me in Ballarat, and a catch up in Tokyo, I haven't had my act together till now.

The group in London usually meets at the Stamford Arms, which is also an OBCZ - very dangerous!!

Quite a large group meets up for this monthly gathering, with a core roup of regulars. There were quite a few people there for the first time, and also loads of expats in the group. Americans, Italians, and another Aussie, of course!

As usual, I ended up taking away the same number of books I took along, so no gains there for me, although I always seem to find books I have wanted to read for ages in the stacks piled up on the tabels!

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