Friday, September 19, 2008

Anika Moa

On Wednesday night, I met Nicole for dinner at The Lounge - where I had a monster size parma! - before heading across Swanston Street to the Toff in Town. A great little space, another find in Melbourne city for live music.

Anika Moa, New Zealander recently moved to Melbourne, singer/songwriter graced the little stage. She started her show by setting out some disclaimers, like that she may well forget some words, and that she may offend some people...full of personality and wit, she interacted with the audience in such a real, and personal way. Was refreshing (said with the worst Kiwi accent!).

Each of her songs come with a story, which I always love, many about love ended. Day In Day Out, and Falling In Love Again stand outs, all being very self deprecating and reflective. My Old Man, about her Dad, and the mind space she was in when she wrote it, was very sweet and real.

A great talent, and exciting that she is now a Melbourne girl, given her stage presence. Her album is soon to be launched, and will certainly be worth hearing live again!

Good one, Nicole, again!

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