Sunday, February 28, 2010

George in Sydney

We had been tracking the rumour that George was coming out to Australia for months....and upon announcement of shows, plotted and chased tickets for the show. Needless to say, after seats, accommodation in Sydney on Mardi Gras weekend, and flights....oh, and then a Tash style issue with flights, I had dropped the equivalent of a small country's GNP for the weekend just gone. And it was totally worth it!

I met Jenny at our city hotel, and then we figured out our way out to the chaotic outside of the Sydney Football Stadium. Celebrity spotting amongst us as we found our gate, and seats, with Brendan Julian, Kim Wilson and Chris Langford catching our eyes. The anticipation in the bar line, and the general crowd around us was electric.

We found our seats just as the lights went down, the stage show commenced, and the track Waiting played through. With the line 'Here I Am' booming across the crowd....and then, there he was.

Opening with Fastlove and then I'm Your Man, every person in this packed stadium was on their feet, dancing and singing, and adoring George Micheal. And right there, the weekend had paid for itself!

Father Figure and Wham! flashback to 1984 for Everything She Wants were just amazing, with footage of a younger George in giant on the screens behind him. An Easier Affair introduced references to the celebration of gay pride about to engulf the city. Slower tracks had the crowd sit, and for the most part engaged (annoying people talking through a gig will always baffle me), with his story telling lyrics and heartfelt tributes to those he has lost along the way.

Full of energy and groove, Too Funky and Star People rounded out the first set, with an interval as a drinks break. John And Elvis Are Dead played as the countdown to start again was triggered.

Back on stage, George apologised to anyone that was at the Perth show, saying they missed out on a second encore cos he was 'so bloody knackered'. He engaged the crowd, and thanked us all for waiting this long to see him live. Faith was massive, and again showed footage of the man back in the day - whilst he showed that he still has it up on stage. Spinning The Wheel was a further chance of the evening for the crowd and George to take turns with the lines, before Roxanne.

Amazing and Flawless were interactive, and had the whole stadium up and involved. Outside, complete with police dress-up for George was there, before a spine tingling Careless Whisper. Just as in Sweden, he rounded the brilliant night with an encore of Freedom.

Such a performance, wowing the audience, and making this show worth the 22 years wait for Australian stages to see him.

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