Thursday, November 14, 2013

Farewell To The Little Master

Sachin Tendulkar padded up for what may be his final batting innings tonight (Aussie time). His 200th test match, which began today against the West Indies, held in Mumbai, has been announced as his last.

What an amazing career, story, and legend of the game.

Being at each of the grounds of the Aussie tour to see him play on home soil earlier this year was incredible. The noise, and electric atmosphere of the screaming, adoring fans. The palpable waves of emotions waiting for his turn out in the middle.

The fans, kids and grown men alike, would squeal every time he was near the ball, stand all session up against the high fence in the beating sun when he was on the boundary, and roar with delight when the up-and-coming batsmen in the batting order before him would lose their wicket.

I had considered "working from home" today, to watch it all unfold, although missed the chance with appointments being made. But checking the status at the start of the day's play made that move justified as India won the toss and elected to field, delaying the big moment.

Getting home from a crazy and full day, and being blessed with my current housesitting gig and it's full Foxtel package, I was sitting in front of the big screen with live images as India commenced their batting innings, and then the over that saw 2 wickets fall to bring The Little Master to the crease.

Finishing the day's play on 38*, with pretty impressive run making, and sets up a massive day of absenteeism in India tomorrow! The fairytale would be a great final innings. Can't wait to watch it unfold!

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