Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pacific Island Tranquility

Walking to the other side of the tiny island of Fafa, the secluded beach faces out into the ocean, with very little humanity to be seen towards the horizon. Such peace and beauty.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Victory At Newlands - Third Test

The most beautiful sports ground in the world, with Table Mountain as the backdrop, gave us a full test match for the third and final for the Australian tour of South Africa - with an Aussie win, right to the wire.

We arrived at Newlands with the series even after the first two tests, and found that our Waving The Flag crew had the best seats in the house - in a little triangular patch of grass on the bottom tier of the stand. Perfect.

The Aussies won the toss, and set out on a cracking batting pace, to set a target in the first innings. This ran across into Day 2, our traditional Chick Pink Day, where many of us managed a photo in the middle of the pitch, with the SA Lion.

(This photo, and the last one, are from Colin's collection)

Rain, would you believe, ended Day 2, allowing for many Third Session drinks in the nearest pub - where we met Saffas dressed as Smurfs. Almost as weird as wearing pink to the cricket!

South Africa got to have a bat on Day 3, but did not last the day, with Johnson and Harris having great days at work, 4 and 3 wickets respectively.

Setting the South Africans a target of 511, the Aussies declared in their second innings, and set up the remainder of the test as a race the the win/draw.

The task of just 10 good balls to win always sounds easy, but this last day delivered on drama and tension, before the Australians claimed those last wickets to win the series.

A month in South Africa, with three cricket matches, and so much to see, our tour was topped by a visit out to the pitch after the crowds had left. Our group in the centre of Newlands, soaking it in. It was pretty amazing!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cape Town Murals

A continuation of my street art finds in Cape Town had me wandering around the city centre, finding spots that I had not discovered last time I had visited this beautiful city. Finding a post that directed me to a few key murals gave me some guidance about where to start the hunt. And the highlights mentioned were still present.

This "All Shall Be Equal Before The Law...." mural was in a carpark in the street with the law courts and legal offices. Powerful and beautiful.

There was also the bakery Charley's, which is painted and so cute, and across the road from that is a brilliant tribute to the late, great Nelson Mandela.

Jouljet Notes
Getting There: Just walk - I plotted out the murals mentioned in the City Sightseeing South Africa Blog post on a free tourist map
Time Spent: About an hour
Cost: Free!
Serious Tip: These murals take you through sections of beautiful city parks, and the legal precinct, so you get a real feel for city life while you wander
Quirky Angle: There were loads more pieces of street art to be found along this trail. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seating On An Island Paradise

This is the deck on Fafa Island, looking out to the ocean. The staff come to you, to bring you food and drinks. Such peace and beauty! It's amazing to me that this place is not better known!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Approaching Fafa - My Tropical Island Getaway

There it is! The little island, just off the main island of Tonga, where I stayed for a week. I planned to stay a few nights and maybe explore some other 174 islands that make up this Pacific Island nation.
But once I got there, I didn't want to leave!
On the boat over, which was just over an hour, this was my first glimpse of it, finally figuring out which of the dots on the horizon it was. Moody weather that day made for gorgeous views!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Greatest AFL Footy Game Ever

Being away at work for tonight's Qualifying Final at the MCG is heart-breaking. I have asked around to find the best place to watch it here after work, and Jane and I will draw battle lines and struggle to get through the game after a touch week and rotation retrospectively. There is also a possibility that the island will still be out of beer!

These games, between Hawthorn and Geelong are just so good! Being there 2 weeks ago for the Hawthorn win in season was pretty amazing - just wish I could be there and see the same tonight. Alas!

In our preparation for the Preliminary Final last year, to slay the titan that is Geelong - the team that had at that point beaten us in every match since our amazing 2008 Grand Final win (that’s 11 cracking, but heart-wrenching games!) - the sisters and I had watched the two GFs that we beat Geelong, including the epic and brutal 1989 win. And watching it again left us with no doubt that it is the greatest game of AFL we will ever see.

They just don't play football like that anymore!

The brutality is actually shocking, after being so sensitised to such play seeing the modern game. The hits, the tackles, and of course, those opening moments where Brereton went down. And then amazingly got up, heaving for air...moving back to the forward pocket, and somehow taking that mark and kicking a goal.


The emotion of this 1989 game is so intense. Watching it brought back memories about where we were for it - with Mum being there.

In the Finals month last year there was also a documentary about this match, having many players from both sides interviewed and recalling specific memories of their own. The vivid image of the story of Dipper and Dermie sitting up in hospital together the night of the epic win, will be one that stays with me.

Such an amazing victory, which could have gone either way. Such amazing footy memories, and legend that makes Hawthorn the club it is today.

Here's hoping for a similar victory tonight - but hopefully far less brutal! Go Hawks!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Introducing A Jouljet Travel Photo Series

From the Pacific Islands to Eastern Europe, I have managed to complete some pretty cool travel in the middle portion of this year. I want to start sharing my photos with you from these travels...the little moments that have caught my eye and my heart...on a weekly basis.

Truth is, it's hard to keep a regular post schedule going with my FIFO work habits. I cringe when my blog is idle and looks neglected. And I am pretty happy with a whole bunch of photos that I have captured, and shared on Instagram, and am really keen to share them here on the blog. I want to show you some of the amazing places I have seen!

As you can maybe spot here in this collage, I have managed to get to Tonga and the Solomon Islands between work rotations, which were easy enough in my respite weeks, and a reasonable flight time from the East Coast of Australia.  Then I travelled to Eastern Europe for a month of Summer, which added Greece, and the Balkans to my country list - Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

I want to show you the views I have been lucky to capture on my travels. I hope you'll enjoy!
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