Monday, February 21, 2005

Monopoly in London

Yesterday, after a big jet lag fighting sleep, I ventured into the big city of London to see some sights, and get aquainted with the Tube. Looking at the map, and arriving at street level feels like I am playing a mega game of Monopoly, with all the familiar place names. The Strand, Trafalgar Square...I am just waiting to collect my $200!!

Getting off the tube at Oxford Circus for a bit of lunch and a peek at the shops. I can see that once I am earning pound over here, I am going to have a serious shopaholic addiction on my hands! Just wandering in to a few stores, I can already see that I am going to be in trouble!! I have never seen this type of range in Australia.

Fighting the shopping urge, I jumped back on the tube to gaze around Piccadilly Circus. Surrounding by the wonderful old, old buildings, I walked down to Trafalgar Square.

Amoung all the pigeons, apparently encouraged to return to this area by all the tourists who feed them, wre loads of people milling to have a look at the huge Square and it's fountains, but also to get involved with the London Back The Bid 2012 Olympic campaign. It's everywhere! This weekend is when the IOC delegation is in town to be impressed - so the city is a-flutter.

Not really knowing where I was, I happened upon the Queen's Horse Guard, which lead me through the Horse Guard arch to St James's Park, and the walk up to Buckingham Palace.

Everything is all so very familar, and famous, and old, and beautiful! The Palace where old Lizzie resides is quite spectacular. Whilst wandering and gaping at the Palace, and taking it all in, it started to snow! I am not kidding! Just little drops of powdery white ice from the sky, and nothing that settled. But was very cool.

I must confess, my favourite sight so far here in London is Big Ben. I have seen a million of picture of it, but have never really appreciated it before. The pictures have always looked so drab - but all the beautiful gold etching!! Wow! (More photos.)

Still snowing, and thus, very very cold, I decided to head back to Charles' for a quiet night (not like us at all - will have to get back into form!), to stave off that jet lag.

I am mobile again now, and I have also taken the time today to fix up all my photos here. Am off to Kent tomorrow for an interview, and hopefully a week's training to get me started with some work - and some £!!


  1. Yay for London! You have wet my appetite for when I'll be there in May...can't wait!!! Also how were Lufthansa air? I fly them from the US to Zurich...don't know much about them.

  2. Hey Tashy!

    The photos look great!! Oh the memories. Makes me very jealous!!! Hope you are having a ball. Did you get my text message???

    Love Liss

  3. Monopoly in London!

    You got my interest with that line. I just booked my hostel for April, when the snow should have cleared and I can walk the board, leaving a book on every street.


  4. G,day tash glad to see your having a great time wish we were there visiting all those places youve been to plus it would be nice to get a bit of cooler weather its 33 here in sunny ballarat today anyway have fun and looking foreward to reading more on here ... have fun .. john, debbie

  5. Hey Chick, just read your phnom penh stuff - got really homesick. where the hell is the billabong and why was it not there when i was there???? sounds like u r having a ball around the world - good on you mate, bout time eh!


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