Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Renee in London!

I had such a fun day yesterday! Kept busy all weekend, really, after my hungover Friday! And I have managed to catch up with Renee!! Very exciting! I think we had worked out that it had been about 5 years or something, since we had last seen each other.

On Saturday I was dying to get out of the house, so I caught the tube to Notting Hill Gate and wandered around the Portobello Road Markets. Strolling along with all the Beautiful People, down the long street filled with stalls for food, clothes, and all sorts. There were also some little galleries along the way, which were actually the highlight. After having a panic attack about money just last week, I can hardly go shopping for real!

Saturday night I went along to the much talked about Walkabout, in Shepherd's Bush - the hangout most Aussie refer to. Met up with Abi there, and a few of her mates. Unfortunately I arrived with no alcohol in my system, and saw it for what it was. Very bad move. Feel too old for this scene! Maybe a couple of years ago.... Although, that said - I have come to the conclusion that all the good looking Aussie boys are actually over here, not back in Melbourne anymore, where there are slim pickings left indeed.

Sunday I headed off for Leicester Square to meet Renee (for those of you who don't know Renee, she is a fellow Loreto girl - not that we actually admit that outloud!). She looks great (as usual) - but she has a pommy accent! Very strange - although she has been here for years.

We were out to lunch to farewell her cousin Andrew, who has been staying in London for a litle bit. He had supposedly spotted a restaurant that he was dying to go to - and it took awhile for him to locate again. After a pint to rejuvenate our search, we did find and enjoy the much talked about Mediterranean Buffet.

After reacquainting myself with red wine (why have I avoided for so long? Is it drinking with the boys? More likely a messy night of it several years ago... Perfect for drinking with the girls though!), and stuffing ourselves with the 'all you can enjoy' spirit, we headed off in seach of icecream in the Square (you always have room for dessert!).

The St Patrick's Day parade and festivities were going on around us as we wandered about, headed for Covent Garden. Food stalls, cute little shops, people dressed up, buskers, dancing, music...

Our interest captured by the spontaneous oprea singer in the hall below, we went down for drinks and to listen to her sing. She was really wonderful! After, there were a string quartet playing, who was surprisingly accompanied at one point by a man who appeared to ride in on his bike. Very cute, very enchanting. (More photos from the day).

Was a prefect day, and a brilliant way to lift my brief 'what am I doing here?', 'maybe I am too old for this' fog. Was so great to see Renee after all this time, and catch up. I find it amazing that there are some people that you have been friends with, but don't see for a long time, where the bonds from before pick straight up. I love that!

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