Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Different Story

A yummy lunch in Brighton with Dom on Sunday, and then a train ride back to dark, gloomy and cold London. I went out for a Xmas dinner with the gang (Nat, Kimberley, Cam, Caitlin and Jack, Mark and Mendle) on Sunday night, before some of them run away to far away places for Christmas. We went to Nyonya in Notting Hill for dinner, and the Beef Rendang was all that I had imagined all week!! Hee hee. Mmmmm.

Had rather a large night, cos I was hungover all day yesterday - opps!

Despite the dodgy head and tum, I met Jenny at the Prince Charles Cinema after work for a little George Michael treat. We got to enjoy a candid peek into his life through his documentary A Different Story.

Hearing insights into his childhood, the early Wham! days, and the break into his solo career. A rare listen into the pain of the loss of his lover to AIDS, and then the loss of his mother more recently. And of course, THAT bathroom incident in LA. Quite revealing, although he's very uncomfortable talking about himself. This piece is really for his fans, a little window into his life, and the stories behind his work.

Footage of live performances of the beautiful Jesus To A Child, and then the goosebump inspiring Find Me Somebody To Love for the Freddy Mercury tribute are always amazing. And of course revisiting FastLove and Outside - so love his work!

I have always been such a big Georgie boy fan, so not much he revealed here was news to me. It really is either a 'sorry guys, I am not ever going to tour again, and this is all I can give', or it's a 'stay tuned for dates'. I would give me left arm to see the man live!!

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