Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little Bay, Capote and Fame!

On Saturday night Nata and I headed south of the river to see Nat off in style. She's off to Copenhagen for work, and whilst she be back and forth fairly regularly, the big move still needed a night of recognition! If only to signify her return to the world of work, and leaving her bum existance behind!!! We meet up with Kimberley and Cam, and then headed to a restaurant nearby, where Caitlin and Jack met up with us.

We went to Little Bay, where whilst you sit and eat and drink, the room is serenaded by a wandering oprea singer!! Hee hee. Very funny! As you can see, Nat and Nata got the full, special treatment!! (More photos from that evening)

Sunday afternoon, I met up with Heather and some of her mates, and Charlotte and Matt, and Di, for Capote at the Electric Cinema. Wow. I can see why Heath is not winning any of the best actor statues this year - from the man once mainly known for his "sharted" comment in that horrendous Along Came Polly, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant as Truman Capote!

Last night the girls and I headed out for a girlie night of dinner and the theatre. Laura, Charlotte, Niny, Heather, Bea and I went along to Maxwell's for dinner, and then to see Fame. Full dancing and singing show, this production has been running for 10 years here in London.

With the song in our head, we left to walk across Waterloo Bridge, and see the London city at night along the Thames.

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