Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Charlotte

Yesterday was Miss Charlotte's birthday, and after some silliness in the office all day, a batch of us headed into town for a night in celebration. Happy hour cocktails at Ruby Blue in Leicester Square was our first stop, which ensued jugs of pink cocktails galore! The group grew, and I think we got louder, and more volumes were consumed.

The plan for the evening was for a regressive, or backwards, dinner, with drinks, then dessert, and then dinner. However, time, cocktails, and liquid full stomachs won over the ice cream idea after drinks, and we made our way for dinner.

Hi Sushi is a cute and colourful Japanese restaurant, with all you can eat sushi! We piled into the downstairs section, and were placed in a sunken red table. We ticked all the boxes for the menu choices, and then the food started coming. And coming, and coming! Great sushi! Starting with miso soup, complemented with Asahi.

A dare at the end of the feast saw our birthday girl eat a big green pile of wasabi, which was scared and then cracked us all up. She's a crazy, and easily led, kid!

Spilling out onto the street, some of the gang surprisingly had room for Ben and Jerry's before we tubed our way home.


  1. all you can eat sushi! I'm SO there baby!

  2. great photo - sums up our short but wonderful friendship in london! - long may it continue wherever we are in the world. A rendez vous in melbourne, tour of NZ and then saving the world in africa!


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