Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monkey Magic

After getting ready to set off yesterday, amongst tired and sore heads, we eventually discovered that the 4WD was not going to start. Several calls later, and a full battery recharge, and we were finally on our way again after a few hours layover.

Further driving down Highway One, we drove through the Tropic of Capricorn around 1pm, and then reached the western most town in Australia, Denham, in the late afternoon. We then made our way our to beautiful Monkey Mia, checked into our campsite, and headed to the Monkey Bar for much craved beers and dinner, upon a backdrop of sunset and blue and pretty Sharks Bay.

This morning we amazingly rose early to head down to the interaction area to view and feed the dolphins. The pod of dolphins that came in this morning included a week and a half old baby with it's mother, and we had the treat of watching them swim around, and the little guy frollick about in the shallow water.

Two feeds we watched, and I was picked at random to hand feed one of the dolphins in the second session. These sessions are completely dolpin led, with their regular arrival the key to the event. In the space of an hour we saw the first swim and feed, and then saw the pod return with mother and baby shortly after for another. So beautiful.

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