Thursday, January 04, 2007

Returning to Melbourne

Recovering from the NYE celebrations, I have set up camp at Melissa and Clinton's in South Melbourne. Over the last week it has been so nice to soak in all that looks great about Melbourne, and looking out over the city from the car when driving over any of the bridges over the Yarra has reminded me how pretty, and how much I love this city.

Provided you don't look as far as the hideous Eureka building edition to the skyline!

I have signed up for NewStart, for some assistance as I start to come to terms with reality and the beginning of starting all over again. Gee, they don't make that easy for anyone - nor easy for the Call Centre chick to explain! If she doesn't understand how it all works, how is anyone else supposed to!!??

I caught up with Jane, and Evie and Majid last night. Dinner at Jane's, and a catch up while Evie is in town before she heads back to Cambodia.

City driving has been a daunting return for me - first real attempt was last night, and boy, did I get lost! Not having to worry about where I was going and how to navigate to get there for way too long, a Melways on the passenger seat was all too much! I seem to have total amnesia about the roads and how it all joins together. Last night, I think I did 5 laps of a 3 block radis of Melissa's, just trying to get out of South Melbourne! I am sure it will all come back to me...eventually!

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