Sunday, April 08, 2007

John Mayer

Last night Katie came down to Melbourne, and we went to see John Mayer in concert.

Jessie, Katie and I had pizza and red wine at a unnamed, but very cool bar in Nicholson Street, before making our way to the Vodafone Arena.

Ben Kweller was the support act, and was very good. He had most of the crowd's attention, which is rare for support acts that I have seen. The Arena had filled up to listen to him. We enjoyed the chance to celebrity spot during his set, after several sightings of footballers and the like at previous concerts. We thought we had picked out a group of lads...

Coming out on stage with jeans, jacket and guitar on, John Mayer started his set, with a mixture of tracks from his most recent album, and those from his previous. He commented on No Such Thing as 'not the best song in the world, but it's alright!' He played Why Georgia, Waiting For The World To Change, and Bigger Than Body, among others.

Jacket off and playing in just the white t-shirt and jeans, from where we were it was hard to see what he actually looks like. I never recognise him when he is plastered over magazine pages. He turned into a preppy American lad, who can sing, and can play!

He played 3 x 5 first on the encore, after a request from fans up the front with a banner, and ended with Gravity, which he introduced as the best song he has written.

1 comment:

  1. So he is a preppy American Lad who can actually sing?
    What most americans can't sing -- lol!!!! I miss you Tash! how has it been? Love, Talia


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