Sunday, June 17, 2007

Homelessness, Dossing, and Housesitting

Since getting home, some six months ago, I have been "between" places to live. And am still technically homeless. Scary!

I stayed at home with Mum and Katie in Ballarat during my two months of being a bum. And then upon employment, I dossed with Jessica and Kelly. Thanks to those two kids, I got to start work and start earning an income again, and start looking around for places to live.

Now the rental market has changed somewhat since I was last living in Melbourne - and so I set about looking at the little shoeboxes called "studios" or "one bedroom" places in my price range and desired location. Dishearted, it came to be that Jane was going to Mozambique for 10 weeks for work - and need someone to babysit her place! Bonus.

Some dramas later, I crashed with Jenny in Essendon (can you believe that I allowed that suburb as my address!!??) for two weeks, and now I am settled in as Housesitter in Clifton Hill/Fitzroy North. It's a great little one bedroom place all on my own - and I am glad I got to try living on my own again before signing a lease. I think the sharehouses of London have me liking having people around! Who would have thought!

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  1. You're always welcome back at the "Glasshouse".

    Aunty Jen


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