Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Katie's B'day

With the footy being more interesting, Katie allowed us all to attend the Hawthorn/St Kilda match on Saturday night before driving up to Ballarat to met up with her for a night on the town for her birthday. We really shouldn't have bothered with the footy!

But Heath and Jessie and I loaded into the car, a six pack at the ready to guzzle up the kilometers to get home in time to join the birthday girl for jelly shots, pizza slices and more beers, before bracing ourselves for the trip out in the cold in the neverending quest to find somewhere decent to drink in Ballarat.

Our first stop was Side By Side (which was Cincotta's back in my day!). One dodgy side, one pub with beer side was the consensus, although we only stayed long enough for a pot before the birthday girl decided we would check out somewhere else.

In the actual 0C, we walked the all too familiar downhill slope to Camp Street and Haida Bar (was Extremity back in my day!!). Another beer here in the too cool atmosphere of leather couches and try hard lighting - I do think they still had the old crusty wine barrels and pool tables towards the back - before it was time to hit the line for the Regent (was Victory, if I am really showing my age, but has been Regent in my time too).

Brrrr, lining up and laughing that I wouldn't be asked for ID - no surprise there. Free to get in, so I guess it's the dregs of the nightlife action in the 'Rat these days, we drank, and downed jager bombs, and drank beer some more, before drunkenly pretending that we thought we could dance.....

Leaving the Regent and then thinking of having a toilet stop at the George on the way to the trusty taxi rank outside Myer, I was reminded that the curfew was still in place!! No way! I thought that was an experiment!! They wouldn't even let me in when I said that my (imaginary) husband was inside with the hosue key! I have heard that work before, but the curfew is serious, apparently!

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