Thursday, August 07, 2008

Strangers and Charlie

The MIFF mini-pass allows you three additional daytime weekday movies, which are all too tempting, and oh such hard work for a full time worker! Monday I ducked out of work for a 'long lunch', and power walked down to the Forum for Strangers.

Not the only moviegoer to rush in as the cinema went dark, and rush off as it ended, I settled in to watch this movie about a Palestinian girl and and Israeli guy, who meet accidentally after switching bags on the subway in Berlin. Amidst the soccer World Cup mayhem, these two develop a sweet bond despite the political background of the unrest and warring going on at home. An interesting platform to look at the Gaza unrest, this movie left a warm glow for the rest of my working day!

Tuesday I worked for Assessments Australia, which I have been doing here and there for some sessional work. Reading applications for the Department of Education's Program for Students with Disabilities, determining eligibility and support needs for children in primary and secondary school here in Victoria, this work reminds of my disability knowledge and interest. A way for me to build my hours during my provisional psychologist registration period (well, that's the plan!), delving into the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Severe Behavioural Disorders, Intellectual Disability or Severe Language Disorder with Critical Educational Needs, gives me respite from the return to work world, and places me within the beautiful State government buildings at Treasury. Some sad stories, about struggling in the classroom, or deterioration, but also a great way to apply all those years of university and work with this population.

I rushed out of work again on Wednesday night to meet Mary at Greater Union for Playing For Charlie. An Aussie movie depicting the struggle of a young carer, looking after both his mother and baby brother, also trying to find his way in the world, and pursue his talent at rugby. Lots of cracks about rugby being for rich kids, this movie was filmed in Melbourne, and has introduced a great new actor in Jared Daperis to the big screen. A full Aussie flavour and passion for sport, disgraced Neighbours actor Shane Connor played the coach with a heart, which made this film. Another recommendation from the Festival!

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