Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freedman Love and Loss

After work last night, which included drinks and exchange of gifts as we start wrapping up for the year, I made my way to Brunswick, and the Little Creatures Beer Hall. For Michelle's birthday, today, we meet for drinks and a dinner in one of my new favourite spots in Melbourne.

As the night got darker, I took a tram north to the Northcote Social Club, to meet Melissa, making new friends in the bar. We then moved into the bandroom, grabbed a bar and prepared for a solo Tim Freedman gig.

The set started with Beauty In Me, and then God Drinks At The Sando in honour of the name change of the Commerical to the Northcote Social Club. Tim then explained his theme for the night, pairs songs about his past relationships - from the height of love, to the bitter and painful demise. Where Is She? being the first of the first pair.

Intersected by songs of loss, Charlie No 3, was followed by the story of the girlfriend who was the inspiration for Fall For You, No Aphrodisiac, Melbourne, and Royal In The Afternoon - several of my favourite. Explaining how many songs from the one relationship have ended up being on very different albums.

Tim was somber and cathartic through the first half of the set, drinking champagne unusually. He talked about having dinner just hours before with the very inspiration of the tracks before....and then played The Curse Stops Here, adding that he didn't play that the night before cos he was having way more fun. Ouch.

Life's A Beach and then an angry Up Against The Wall, before finally starting on a bottle of red, and then he started to hit his straps for the gig. He had a go at people talking up near the bar, and then passed a few bottles among the people at the front.

Breathing You In and Start My Celler Again was the next chapter, before a new song, the second for the night. The encore took on crowd requests, with Gough ending the evening.

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