Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Xmas really only arrived for me once Jane was home, and she set up our tree. A real Xmas tree, from the Oxfam drive, it has made our house smell lovely, and feel suddenly like Xmas. All without hearing Last Christmas by Wham!

Post work Xmas party hangover, I caught a lift home to Ballarat with Jessie and Noodles. Katie had drinking games awaiting us, and we were soon in for a large night, with the customary night out in Ballarat around this time of year being like a school reunion everytime!

We went to JDs Sportsbar (as classy as it sounds!), for continuation of the drinking spirit. Loads of familiar faces out and about to say hi to, and catch up with. We finished up at the always disappointing Regent, before chips and gravy and a taxi got us all home.

On Xmas eve, I went to give presents to the babies, and hang out with Andrea and Dean for a bit. Cooper and Charli were not all that excited about the whole present unwrapping exercise, although they can be forgiven, considering that their new activity – crawling – can lead to so much more fun and trouble! I can’t believe how much these two are growing.

Xmas day had the usual exchange of gifts at home, and a yummy breakfast. Lunch was with Mum, Katie and Jessie, before we eventually popped in to the Murphy’s for a family catch up. Dinner, although noone had any room for it, was at home, with Melissa and Clinton joining us for our new tradition of seafood, drinks, and games.

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