Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready For This?

Last night for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Nicole and I saw Tim Minchin at The Forum. Having booked these tickets back in December, I think Tim is the reason I haven't been keen for any other shows - what if they aren't as good as him!?

The new show, Ready For This? has the barefoot musical comedian with the crazy hair, starting the show proving he doesn't need a band.

In a response to the outroar over his song at his breakout Fringe show in Edinburgh, seen in his documentary, he does a song called Prejudice which merges into Only A Ginger can call a Ginger Ginger. Clever, hilarious. He also does an ode to one of the reviews he got around that time too. Ouch!

The clever word plays, groovy dance moves, songs about boobs, and maths in love. Tim's religion verses science debate flares in song, loaded with risky but witty, edgy controversy, and in a 9 minute beat poem. He's smart, black comedy, packs a punch to our educated, secular generation.

Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing is his new world changing platform song this tour, he tells us, after the success and change in government policy since Canvas Bags, and the encore for the night. A total entertainer, and full hour of laughter.

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