Sunday, July 05, 2009

Recorded Music Salon

Having DC draw out the card this week, he was sure to attend Project drinks after work. He and I, and Dan made our way out after discovering no beer in the work fridge, down Collins Street on the tram.

Finding the Recorded Music Salon at the end of the stairs of a non-descript door, we fought to get to the bar to order our first round. Soon finding a table, we were joined by Jenny and her large crew for the evening. Having a wing woman on the job for the mingling goal of the evening, drinks and laughter soon got out of hand.

On to another destination, upon insistence by our wing girls, we made our way to the beer garden of Collins Quarter for a few more beverages. After being put off by the line at Spice Market, we found a table, some unsuspecting lads about, and more drinks at the Yak Bar.

Clearly a large night...tipped by the walk back to Jenny's office, and stumbling past one Bert Newton. Bald as a badger and larger than life, Bert was being accosted by fans, before being rushed by our wing woman. Not for the Project, just cos she was dying to meet him! Introducing herself, and me, she chatted to him briefly, before we discovered that we actually didn't know what show he was talking about, and let him get into his car. Hilarious!

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