Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seamstress and SweatShop

After throwing around some bar suggestions this week with Mary, for a destination for Friday night drinks to mark her birthday and going away drinks, we settled on Seamstress. Another bar in our city that I had never heard of!

Making our way upstairs via the wooden stairs, we found the top floor with seating clusters at the landing, small tables in the middle and a booth section at the back. The bar was adorned with fabrics, in line with the theme.

Tonight was a big group, to wish Mary well on her trip, plus a group from work. We all found our drinking spot at different grouped sectors of the bar, and perused the cocktail menu.

The evening seemed to go very fast, with an easy venue to be in, and catch up with people. As people took their mark throughout the evening, Dan and I decided to head downstairs to the basement, to check out SweatShop. This open plan bar, with it's crates and cushions, was fairly empty by this time. But we did manage another couple of beers, a couple too many perhaps, in the end.

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