Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thought You Said Maple Leaves

I raced down to Melbourne in crazy traffic on Tuesday afternoon, to drive an essay into the submission box. I think I was technically 7 minutes late, for which I blame a road rage altercation going on in front of me in Royal Parade...but alas, our admin there stamped it for me nonetheless.

My reward was to meet up with Springer, at The Vegie Bar, for some wine, and to hear stories of her recent South America travels. Very dangerous exercise for me! Mary soon joined us, as we were given a table upstairs, and all enjoyed a different awesome vegie curry. Mmmm, so good.

Across the road to The Evelyn, we made our way to the left of the stage for position Pretty Strangers were playing at this stage, and soon followed by Francolin.

Finalising their month long Residency, The Good China filled the stage, and engaged the crowd with there collection of indie-pop tunes. Common People by Pulp was the cover of the night, which Springer instantly got into. Mit really shone for this one.

The encore was The Good China's verson of Jen Lekman's Maple Leaves, with Ryan and Mit taking leads here. The grab of Barry White in here, and the China's combined sound, make this cover so amazing!

This was such a good gig, with such a great feel to it. The band were working really well together, and sounding so great.

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