Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zoo Diesel

On Saturday, I drove down to Melbourne to meet Jenny, Camilla and Johan, just in time for a lift to the Melbourne Zoo. Off to the Twilight Session, we picked up the returned Annie, and then met Leanne on the grass in front of the stage.

First up for the evening, as we consumed wine and our picnic and keeping a watchful eye on the rain clouds above, were Ryan Meeking. A four piece band who, whilst not capturing the party I was with, seemed to have many in the crowd impressed. An unfortunate story about hitting a roo on a recent roadtrip went down like a lead balloon, in an environment where animal conservation message were emblazoned at every turn, nonetheless, they managed to see many the EP at the end of their entertaining set.

The act for the night for us, was Diesel - Johnny Diesel, no Injectors, no hair, but still all the stage presence and talent he is known for. Playing many old favourites like Come To Me, Please Send Me Somebody To Love, Cry In Shame, and One More Time, he showed that he still has the charm, stage presence and voice he has always had. People up dancing, the crowd were loving him.

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