Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreams Come True

Yesterday I visited ACMI again, to walk through the Dreams Come True exhibition, The Art of Disney's Classic Fairy Tales, which is open until this Tuesday.

Walking downstairs to the gallery, you are first met with inspirational quotes from Walt Disney, the timeline of his life, and the story of his desire of putting fables and fairytales to film.

Then into the gallery space, Snow White comes to life, with the sketches from development, to the study of colour and contrast in scenes. The level of detail in the Queen's hands in her transformation into the witch, and that iconic vision of Snow White with the bluebird. Then the personalities of the dwarfs, and then the princes' entrance.

Next is Cinderella, where you are invited to sit and watch the footage of her Fairy Godmother transform pumpkin into coach, mice into horses and coachmen, and rags into ball dress. So magical!

Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and the newer Tangled, are also featured, in this little journey into dreamy happily ever after. The animation steps, the vision of Ariel surrendering her voice for immortality, ballroom dance scene with Belle and the Beast, and Rapunzel's hair lifelike movements were all so enchanting.

All the way through, however, I couldn't help but find Angus and Julia Stone's Hollywood in my head. I mean, the overwhelming messages of good and evil, of princes, and all that. Maybe Snow White didn't want some guy violating her and ruining her sleep! All setting the bar very, very high for children's expectations of life!

I then did a spot of shopping, spending my voucher for being at my current place of work for 4 years. My longest job ever!

I was actually down in Melbourne, checking on a possible apartment for rent, after putting my hat in for a job which I had thought of as a 'dream job'. Alas, I was reportedly a close second for the role, and decided that I wouldn't take the apartment, despite it's great location. Just not to be, just yet.

The fatalist in me thinks that these particular changes perhaps were not the right ones, and there must be something else around the corner for me. But then, I am really too old to believe in fairy tales....

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  1. aw sorry you didn't get the job. The only plus is that you don't have to make a stressful decision. The right job will come along soon.


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