Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be Free In Melbourne

It's fair to say I have been a little taken by that little girl with the striped tights and umbrella of late, with quite a few new pieces popping up around town. The one above is the first I spotted in the last week, by chance, sitting above the old East Brunswick Club, enduring that purple rain.

This next one you can enjoy no more - because it was been painted over. Or at least, the paste up has been scrubbed off. Following Be Free on Facebook, I had seen the stencil for this one develop, and then read that she was put up over night, just next to the Northcote Social Club.

A few days later, after I had popped over to take a look, I read someone's post that it had been painted over, by the owner of the business on the other side of the wall. What a GRINCH! To be honest, I have walked along this street to the pub hundreds of times, and never paid attention to what the business was here, until I took notice as our girl was there. But now that I know they had her scrubbed away.....

Street art is meant to evolve over time, with other pieces added around or over, or they weather it out and fade. But I am stunned that anyone would try and rid the world of our girl on an otherwise unutilised white wall.

These two, above and below, are new commissioned pieces in Richmond, at the Saigon end of Lennox Street to try and bring life to the strip again. Among the bamboo, Be Free and another artist have collaborated to bring this brick wall and tin fence to life.

Lastly, again after seeing the phases of development on Facebook, I walked through Degraves Street especially yesterday to see the city's new Be Free addition.

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