Thursday, January 09, 2014

Top 5: Favourite Albums For 2013

Wow, this annual post is more than a month late, but things have been a little hectic since the end of November, so hear it is now! I am also very aware that I have not been as across new music in the last 12 months as I have been in the past, due to travelling away, and then maybe because I have been so transient.

But here are the albums that were released in 2013 that I have listened to, and loved, the most.

As soon as the release date for The National's Trouble Will Find Me, I knew that it was going to be a musical moment of 2013 for me. And right from first listen, I loved it!

Harlequin Dreams by Sydney's Boy & Bear comes a very close second, and an album I have listened to very regularly since it's release. Seeing it live at the beginning of November brought it a new life, with the stories and emotional tales behind some of the tracks coming to life. Back Down The Black is a song that I can't get enough of, and yet tears at my heart every time. Certainly one of the stellar Aussie bands at the moment, they can do no wrong!

Another Aussie band who's album release stood out for me last year was the second LP from Cloud Control, being Dream Cave. Seeing this played out live well before it's actual release had the anticipation built, and the full first listen did not disappoint.

A rare and random recommendation had me listening to The Lonely Wild's The Sun As It Comes quite a bit across the year, with some great tracks.

Self-titled release from Jinja Safari rounds out my list, albeit from a small selection. These jungle beats are pretty addictive!

A special extra mention goes to the Shotgun Karaoke release from Something For Kate's Paul Dempsey, and his version of Concrete Blonde's Caroline. Oh my word! It's incredible!

A pretty small sample size, I admit. Any more recommendations for me, from 2013? Must listens? Albums you have been able to be without last year??

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