Friday, November 18, 2005

Keep A Light On

Last night I was treated to Tim Freedman in London, at The Bush Hall. Looking very yummy as usual, he also had the hot drummer from The Whitlams with him, and the bass player was nice to look at too! A treat!

It was an intimate venue (would have been great for photos, but my digi is cactus - bugger), and the crowd actually knew some of the words this time (unlike in June), so it was a classic Whitlams atmosphere. Bit of banter from Tim, and digs at life, love and politics, we also got a taste of the new album. One of the new songs, "Leave A Light On" will surely become a bit of a "London Still" (The Waifs) homesick reminder. Oh dear.

"Hamburgers", "Thank You", "Charlie No 3", "Blow Up The Pokies", "Melbourne", "Love This City" - all the goodies.

Finishing with a couple of my anthems, "Laugh in Their Faces" and Duffy's song "I Will Not Go Quietly", the night was awesome. Helped along by copeous amounts of red wine - very good!

Not so good this morning though! I was fine when I woke up, flying infact. But my hangover hit me when I was stuck in the crush of the tube - just in time for the delays (nothing too serious, just feeling dodgy!). I think that was the only thing on time so far today!!


  1. what? no louis burdett? That's my favourite! They are playing on Nov 26th here and I'm debating going... I haven't seen them in ages.

  2. Of course Louis!!
    Sorry, I didn't mention every single song - am a bit out of sorts!! Need a cheesy, stat!!
    Debating!! What the! Go! They are awesome! Love 'em!


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