Sunday, November 13, 2005

No Excuses in London

Last night a group of us donned Medieval garb for a Medieval Banquet for the first London chapter of No Excuses. This is a party tradition of Jess and Nat's for years, starting in Sydney, and a philosophy I can certainly agree with - when you have no reason for a party, call it No Excuses and nobody has an excuse not to come!!

All dressed up, the venue was down on Katherine's Dock, which meant we had to walk past the spooky looking Tower of London on the way - all very in theme!

Our group gathered at the long banquet table, ready for food and beverage fare. Nat and Kimberley, Glenys and Caitlin, Jenny and I, Cam, Mark and Mendel all dug into the old style cooking and the carafes wine and jug of beer, for a large evening!!

Jenny slaved away on our costumes all week, and did such a great job (what will we do when she's employed again!!).
Thanks Jen!

The floor show went on around us, and as there were about 350 people in the banquet hall last night, it was a loud and jolly occasion. We even got to witness a fight, Gladiator style, although unfortunately no blood was shed. I don't know about the others in the group, but I don't really know what was going on in the show!! All I know it that the free flow of liquid sustinance ended all together too soon, and with the silly 11pm last drinks in London, that was it for us!
(We were dressed up, I don't think anywhere else would have taken us in anyway!!)
(More photos.)

No Excuses is fun!!

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