Saturday, April 29, 2006

Land of green mountain sides

Hanging to spend some time out of the city, time on my own, and time behind the wheel, I have taken advantage of the need to do a work visit in Cumbria, and just happened to scheduled it for the Friday before the long weekend....nice!

Tuesday I was up in Manchester for the day, for a work assessment. Wednesday night I was out for Dim Sum (Yum Cha really. Same same...) in Chinatown to catch up with another friend who has quit our job. Issues!

But today, I boarded the train up to Cumbria, and completed my assessment with my client, before heading off to collect my hire car (I have never hired a car before!!), and driven around among lush green pastures and hillsides, dotted with sheep in lambing season and the daffs out at every turn, to find my Guest House in the little village town of Keswick (I was saying it like Creswick without the 'r', but was's a silent 'w'!!?? Go figure!!).

I haven't driven for so long!! It was so nice just reaquainting myself with driving. And probably a good thing too, given all the accident stories I hear on a weekly basis for work! Getting used to it again, in my little Gold Fiat for the weekend, and the tiny English roads. The mad English drivers, and the unposted speed limits....

Wandering into the little town centre, surrounded by stone cottages and cobbled little streets, I walked down to see Lake Derwentwater, and the sunset behind the Cumbria Mountains, before dinner. (More photos.)

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