Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Wanderers

Settling into The Ritz (Backpackers), upon arrival, we then set off for the Flagger pre-test get together BBQ. On a AFD (Alcohol Free Day), was a quite one in preparation for the first day of the last test, being a dead rubber.

I have always wanted to go to The Wanderers, have watched quite a bit of cricket from here over the years on the TV, and it's one of those grounds that sounds awesome. And here we are.

After a decent breakfast, we headed down to the ground - a 25 minute walk, which we managed...despite the fact that it seems that no white South Africans walk or get taxis around here in Jo'burg. Talking to the locals, if they don't have a designated driver, it's a no go...interesting!

The Wanderers is a big ground, the bigger of the three on tour. We joined the Waving the Flag crew again, this time in the stands, for the last two days so far. Slow days, slow sessions, the Aussies have fought back today after looking in all sorts earlier on.

Texts from home with the various footy scores going around, the Sherrin still being passed around, and some Castle being drunk. All good.

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  1. He he he... Tashy staying in a hostel - I hope you have photos of that one!!!


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