Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A little Glaswegian

After finishing my book in the gardens at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, I released it at the Edinburgh International Book Festival after the Fringe show that afternoon. I then wandered around more of the New Town of Edinburgh, before boarding a train to Glasgow.

Just at that point where the sun goes down and the sky is that blue colour, I was raced through the Scottish countryside. Lush green hills, and at one point we passed a lake where we were at just the right angle for the sky blue colour to be reflected back like glass. One of those awesome train travel moments.

Arriving in Glasgow, I walked through the streets to check into the Victoria House Hotel for the night. After a full buffet breakfast the next morning, I walked through the pedestrian streets of central Glasgow.

Finding the Glasgow Cathedral by accident (I kinda lost my way there for a bit!), I then walked down to Glasgow Green and the People's Palace. The greenhouse style of the Winter Garden was quite warm after being caught in the rain outside, before walking through the history of Glasgow. (More photos)

A walk along the River Clyde, before lunch at the 13th Note, which is an OBCZ. More walking through this worker's town, before getting a bus out to the airport and my flight back to London.


  1. Did you go to the West End and Kelvin Grove Park? That's my favourite part of Glasgow.

  2. I didn't, actually. Knew there must have been more to see in my walking around...but the rain prevented too much walking about!

  3. Wow! Look at that grass!!! You won't find that back here in Oz!! Roll in it while you can!

  4. It was too wet, mate! I took that photo battling the wind and rain under my umbrella!!

    The Scottish accent is HOT!! I could listen to a Scot lad say "provided" all day long!! Hee hee!


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