Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tartuffe and Pre-Season Footy

A total clash of culture for the weekend!

As a bit of a consolation prize for missing Underbelly here in Victoria, following it's temporary ban, Jenny, Mary and I had tickets to see Moliere's Tartuffe at the Malthouse Theatre on Saturday afternoon. We met along Southbank for lunch at Bear Brass, before walking down to the Malthouse, and finding our front row seats.

The stage was central to stadium like audience, remininecent of a tennis match. The simple single lane swimming pool, jutting out from the Toorak mansion was the setting for this modern, Melbourne-ised version of Le Tartuffe.

Funny, dry, sexy, and Barry Otto was brilliant. A cast strong, and who would burst into song at a whim. Marcus Graham, the star attaction for us, appeared well into show, was ripped! Prancing around as the God like creature who had made his way into this home, and this families life and confidence, was perfect! And being pool side for the close ups weren't too bad either!!

After the play, and emerging into daylight, we wondered down to Bourke Street for more drinks at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, to dissect our thoughts. I met Simon at the station, following his flight into town, and we rejoined the girls for drinks, before heading over to the Telstra Dome for the footy.

A pre-season hit out for the nab Cup, Hawthorn played Carlton, and beat them convincingly. We met Mum, and Melissa and Clinton for the match, and managed to sit on the bottom level of the Dome - always a treat for Hawthorn Members, who usually getting shafted with the nose-bleeders in the normal season. A drink at half time on Level Two, and then more drinks at The Turf Club after the match, before heading home.

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