Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jane's 30th at the Grace Darling

Jane's birthday is today, however given that she's to fly to Timor for work, she marked the turning of 30 on Saturday night at the Grace Darling.

The theme was 'come wearing something you have always wanted to, but never had the chance'. Now, we can be disappointed in Jane's red lipstick effort, however many of the gathering went to some crazy effort! Rambo, full hooped dress, blonde wig, former bridesmaids dress....I wore my pyjamas.

After setting up Jane's cakes, ordered from Sugadeaux, I wandered off to watch the second half of the footy at a crusty pub - with a surprisingly good menu - for the semi final between Hawthorn and Adelaide. A loss to the Hawks, for the semi final of 2007 replay, but not without a few moments of sheer brilliance from Buddy Franklin, which I am sure would haven't given Crow's fans PTSD flashbacks!

Back to the party, there were speeches and much drinks, and dancing. Happy Birthday Jane! Welcome to 30!

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