Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aus Open Day Two

Second day of tennis for the year, Mum and I headed into Melbourne Park, bracing ourselves for the high 30s temperatures predicted. We headed into Centre Court planning to settle into the match with Andy Murray.

Half an hour into his match, his French opponent started having issues with his back, and retired mere games after. Feeling the heat, even in the shade inside the big court, I sat through a Williams sister's match, just to avoid the heat!

The third match of the day on Rod Laver Arena was Aussie Hewitt against Chilean Gonzalez. A former runner up, we watch Gonzalez last year in a fiery match, and with Hewitt on a comeback trail, the match was poised as a big one.

Tension, a timely injury time for Gonzalez, and the Aussie crowd and Hewitt passion...5 sets later the Chilean was the victor in a hard fought match. The Melbourne weather having dropped down a little during the long match, Mum and I headed out to the outer courts.

We found seats in Court Two as Monfils was finishing his match, ready for the start of Tommy Haas. Perfect timing. Our plan was to watch this one, and then jump over to Margeret Court Arena for the Blake match - keeping one ear on the Aussie girl's match on that court, we watched Haas work his way through a 3 set win.

Our change over for courts worked in nicely with the matches, and Mum and I grabbed seats for Blake just as he was warming up - finding Bumble and Lizby in our aisle for the match also! As twilight decended, and the air got much cooler, Blake breezed through the first two sets, before having the Canadian seems to take control on court and through the crowd. The eventual 3 set win for Blake didn't reflect the efforts of the Canadian, under lights after a hot summer day.

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