Sunday, January 25, 2009

Revolutionary Slumdog

Yesterday Nikki and I decided to create our own movie marathon at Nova in Carlton. So many award catching movies around at the moment, and many I want to see, back to back on a free day seemed like a perfect Saturday afternoon and evening activity!

Just a short tram down from my house, we joined the line up and purchased our first two movie tickets, and settled into Cinema 2 for Revolutionary Road.

The reunification of Leo and Kate on the big screen, these two have a chemistry. This movie is about the couple meeting across a crowded room, falling in love with the meeting of dreams and life expectations. And then suddenly they wake up some 10 or so years later with two kids, the picture perfect house in the suburbs, he working a nothing job he loathes and she keeping house and being driven mad by boredom....this is a horror movie in my book!

Set in 1950s, the scenes of Leo travelling into work, walking in the same direction as everyone, looking the same as everyone else, are hard hitting. The discontent of the Wheelers is palpable.

Then it's his birthday, and she suggests changes. Suggests they chase their dream afterall, while they still have the chance. The flame between them is ignited again, and it's magic. Reactions of the people in their world about there plans are comical, and yet jolting. And then John Givings understands them completely...a good or bad sign?

A great movie, which scared me to death, and will leave me thinking for days! Such a strong performance from Kate. About marriage and the modern dream.

Walking along Lygon Street after making Nikki sit through the credits, to her disgust, taking in the bustling people, and then choosing a place for dinner, before our next movie.

Slumdog Millionaire has captured the imagination of anyone who watched the Golden Globes, and has huge expectations for the Oscars...and quite rightly so.

To a packed Cinema 1, the story of Jamal, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant tortured and accused of cheating, the story of his knowledge of each answer to date reveals his life story.

Running is a theme, running through the slums of Mumbai, running from trouble, running from death and tragedy, running to find Latika. The kids that play Jamal and Salim are so gorgeous, and their antics are cute and funny amid their plight.

Beautiful and enchanting depiction of India, the streets and the hustle, and the Taj. The scams these kids get up to are funny, but remind me of the kind of travel I used to do.

It seems every version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has someone stumble over the pronunciation of million, the storytelling is so well done. And the soundtrack is amazing!

We abandoned the idea of our third screening, after Green Apple sorbet to die for at I am still keen to see Milk.

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  1. Revolutionary Road sounds good...really must go and watch it. I want to watch Milk as well. Enjoyed Slumdog myself. Oh, and would definitely recommend Doubt. I enjoyed it and the performances by all the actors.


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