Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brownlow Rum Party

After suggesting that I host a Brownlow Party at mine, red carpet and all frocked up, the idea had honestly slipped my mind. But as Springer seems to always have memory when I have none, she was Captain Keen for said Rum party, and who am I to deny such silliness!

Springer, bless her heart, ended up catering to my little party (the beauty of night shift, really!), including the find of a roll of red crepe paper for the hallway, being our red carpet. Melissa arrived, before Springer and Skinner arrived, fully frocked up!

The Mount Gay was poured, and the red carpet at Crown was viewed through our snowy Channel 7 reception, before we got serious and drew our sweep for the night. A drinking sweep, of course! 4 players each...which made sure we paid attention, and that we got plenty of the Barbados rum into us.

Having 2 Geelong players, including the eventual winner of Chas Brownlow Medal, you would have thought that Springer would have been on her ear. But alas, it was Skinner who took the drinking Brownlow honours this evening. A very funny night, ending in some sore heads this morning!

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