Friday, September 18, 2009

Fundraising Basics

A music gig dilemma emerged for Nicole and I this week, with the promise of two sets of older material for The Basics, before the launch of their new album, won us over.

Mary and I met for dinner at The Empress, and were soon joined by Nicole, as we heard the boys soundcheck in the bandroom next door.

Opening with Yeah, Yeah, the concept behind the show was to raise some funds to help the boys find a way to launch their new album in the UK. At $5 though, I am not sure how successful this was for them, but it was a cracking show! A rarely played live track, Better sounded amazing. The lads showcased their much loved tracks, including a Second Best and For Girls Like You calypso combo.

Their second set allowed for some airing of their new tracks, like the first single, With This Ship, the amazing The No. 1 Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today and The Executioner. The boys also treated us to a host of covers to close, including Neil Young's Old Man and a spine-tingling Wally-vocal strong Flame Trees. Roxanne to finish, the taste for the album release, and also a chance to buy Like A Brother EP from Wally personally.

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