Friday, February 19, 2010

All The Rivers Run

I drove to Echuca and back today for work. One meeting, thankfully with a positive outcome, and a lot of hours in the car, saved only by the iPod!


I did get to have a peek, however, at the Murray River, and at the paddlesteamers of Echuca. This little bustling riverside town is quite the tourist mecca, and just seeing the old shops and the port reminded me of a family trip we made here when I was little.

The 'streamers in operation also conjured up the romanticism of the river, and the life on it portrayed in my head by that old miniseries All The Rivers Run. This is definately a place that needs a proper visit. Anyone up for a weekend on a riverboat?

Beers at the Bendigo office on the way home, and the usual catch up with Pete, brings the week to an end.

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