Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day On The Green

Last Saturday, a group of us boarded a minibus, and armed with tunes and champagne, made the drive up the highway to Great Western, and the Seppelt Winery. Finding a spot just after the VIP section, with ample view, we set up camp on the grass for A Day On The Green.

First up for the day, was Dan Sultan and his bluesy sounds. He captured the crowd as they made their way in, and impressed with his engaging chatter, and rock tracks. This lad is gaining quite a following, playing around the traps.

Whilst half of our bus had scored VIP section tickets at the front, Bianca, Michelle, Kate, Jo and I had our spread of food for the day, with endless trips to the bar to keep us refreshed all day.

The second act for the day was Tim Freedman, who was my main drawcard for the day out. Opening with Beauty In Me, Tim played a wide range of The Whitlams tracks - which was a surprise given the talk of an upcoming solo album coming up this year. Big tracks featured such as No Aphrodisiac, Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst), and I Make Hamburgers.

Gough and Kate Kelly were played with light political references. Buy Now, Pay Later, plus a You Sound Like Lois Burdett rounded out what felt like a very safe set here in this country setting.

Evermore were next, who arrived on stage in sparkly jackets....with the backdrop of broad daylight...seemed a little odd. A little too much, for the ambiance of the day. They worked through their set and played to the crowd, getting good reception. Tracks like Running, Light Surrounding You, and Never Let You Go were stand outs, with this years hit Hey Boys And Girls (Truth Of The World) and It's Too Late (Ride On) ensuring they were memorable.

As the sun started disappearing behind the stage, the Hoodoo Gurus were the headline act for the day, with new material due for release shortly. My memory, with all the champers consumption, is a little hazy at this point, but I know they played 1000 Miles Away and their iconic What's My Scene?

A rowdy bus ride home, with more bottles of bubbly shared around, we made it home to Ballarat, for more drinks and silly, silly chats on the decking to the wee hours. What a great day! Almost worth the hangover all week.....

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