Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Footy's Return, F1s and the 'Finger

A day at the 'G, after the long off season, was made all that much better with a win! Hawks thump Melbourne, as they should have, as Mum, Melissa and I worked on remembering the new numbers and lads in our team, and working on that concentration level.

After tramming and walking Mum to the station for home, Melissa and I got the tram out to Albert Park, and used our borrowed officials pass to get in - just in time for the second half of the final F1 time trials for grid positions. Finding our way to the fence, just a step or two away from the concrete track barrier, our ears were soon assaulted by the fast, smelly and very loud engines of speed.

During the break in the trials, we made our way over the walkway on the track, and watched the rest from atop a hill, to see a bit more. I think the noise was greater from this position, too!

As the rain started, we started walking our way through the grounds, had a cheeky beer at the XXXX Gold Retreat, as the V8 Supercars circled the track around us. Beer finished, and bored with the cars going by, we figured out our way through the crew back paddocks and out the other side, to meet up with Greg, and Loz, emerging from their respective stands for the day.

Here, in front of us was the stage, with the unidentified, and unimpressive support band, going through their paces.

But soon enough the boys from Powderfinger arrived on stage, to the intro music of their new album, and managed to play a 90 minute set, bouncing between new, old, and older material from the extensive back catalogue.

The newly released Burn Your Name mingled with Pick You Up and Sunsets, with the backdrop here. All Of The Dreamers Lost And Running, My Kind Of Scene, and live track Bless My Soul.

Bernard introduced Nobody Sees as Mark Webber's favourite song - that lad needs to cheer up, hey! He also told of a couple of the boys in the band having a run around the GP track in an F1. Encore included (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind and My Happiness, showing that they Brissy boys have still got it!

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