Tuesday, March 02, 2010

MSW Starts Here

I am a university student again! Half of me is excited, with a new, or affirmed, direction to work towards, the other is scared of the time commitment and memory of the previous Masters. Nonetheless, I am a student at the University of Melbourne (again, after my very first year, where I really just learnt to drink!), doing a Master of Social Work.

Friday I attended Orientation Day, where the course and this semesters subjects were introduced. We were to have a past student talk about the experience of the course, but they had all secured gainfully employment. A good sign! Nonetheless, our lecturers presented stories of the alumni scattered far and wide across the globe, doing amazing things. Inspired!

An introduction into the profession of Social Work, which starts here for us, and talk of our Professional Body was made. Discussions about the very full on, and intensive, lecture blocks, and the placements, were fleshed out. Our course coordinator promised that the next 2-4 years will "enrich our lives emotionally and professionally". Scary and exciting, all at once!

So after my big weekend, classes started at 8.30am yesterday - ouch! For the next 10 weeks I will be attending Monday classes (minus a couple for Easter and ANZAC holidays), one full day. And then homework, and full time work for the rest of the week.

Meeting people within my new classes, who will be on this journey with me for the next 2-4 years, is also very exciting. Already the old adage that the people you sit next to during your first classes at school/uni will be your friends, seem to be a happy prospect. Going through the introductions in our tutes, people have come to this course from such varied pathways, from just completing a Bachelor last year, to years of experience in the industry, to completely different walks like Economics and Law!

Well, here we go. I am on the train now....hopefully I won't fall off...to a new destination.

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