Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dr King Remembered In Washington DC

Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on the stone where Dr Martin Luther King Jr delivered his 'I Have A Dream' speech, in Washington DC, is pretty monumental. Being there, looking over the (currently under refurbishment) Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument in front of you, imagining the awe of hearing such an inspirational speaker and fighter for human and civil rights, is inspiring!

The stone is marked with the date, and the reminder that this was part of the Walk on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. That very spot, where the podium stood. That moment in American history that brought change.

Not far from The Mall, on the edge of the Tidal Basin, is the fairly new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. One of only 4 non-presidents to have such a memorial around this area of the nation's capitol, and the first African-American to be honoured in this area in such a way. And such a powerful space it is!

Coming from The Mall, you walk through the Mountain of Despair to the space, where stones of strength and a strong impression of Dr King overlooks the water. All around these stones are wall adorned with many of the powerful words of Dr King, during his short but admirable life.

Words of empowerment and advocacy, wisdom and equality.


  1. Have they changed the quote on the side of the MLK Memorial yet? There was a BIG kerfuffle around this time last year because they had to paraphrase the quote, and the way they did it made him sound like a pompous arse. Last I heard, they were going to change it because people kept complaining!!

    (The quote I mean is the one about being a drum major for peace, justice and...something I can't remember...)

    1. Wow, they did - although I don't remember the quote on that side now....


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