Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monet’s Garden and Footy

When I was standing in line for a MIFF movie earlier this month, I had just managed to wade my way in the rain after an AFL football match at the MCG. Upon seeing the beloved ‘G from Flinders Street, and the stream of footy fans straggling back to the city, the woman in front of me in the line commented that I was certainly making a “change of pace” in my day from one to the other.

I guess that all depended on the pace of the game I had just seen, and the pace of the movie about to be watched, but I just kinda laughed at her incredulous comment that someone who was into film could be into footy as well. I mean, that is the essence of being a Melbournian, and surely a citizen of the world! Follow what you are passionate about, whatever the form!

Nicole and I paired a similar contrast a couple of weekends ago, after our feast at the Melbourne Trailer Park. First up, just up the way on St Kilda Road, we entered the ever amazing National Gallery of Victoria for the Monet’s Garden exhibition.

I am always in awe of the curation at the NGV, they always do things so well! As we weaved through the line to the ticket box we took in the themed décor of the café, which we were to later learn within the exhibit is the kitchen style at Giverny.

After marveling at the abstract version of Monet's waterlillies in the foyer, we moved into the gallery space, and took in the journey of Monet's from his early works and inspiration, to his Waterlilly masterpieces. The acquisition of Giverny, and the development of the garden and lilypond, in addition to the Japanese inspired bridge.

Seeing the garden evolve on his canvases as time moved along, the exhibit also paired his life timelines of love and loss, a fascinating personal history, and the shocking journey of his cataracts, colour vision loss, and repair.

The highlight of the exhibit was Giverny on show - a final room set out as a surround cinema, which takes you through the garden. Having the screens fill your periphery vision, it really felt like you were walking through it - and made me want to add a visit to the real garden to my wanderlust list!

Then we made it across town to Etihad Stadium, to watch the Bombers play the Roos, and my cousin play for the second time this year in the Seniors.

I have discovered that it's so very hard to keep track of just one player during a game. But so very refreshing to watch a game without the emotional investment of having your team in it!

Monet's Garden is on till the 8th of September, and I totally urge you to get along and experience it. The Bombers however, have finally met with the end of a season long saga, and taken their punishment. This coming weekend will be their last for the year.

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