Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pylon Climbing - The Poorer Travellers Bridge Climb

One of the most iconic structures in Australia is the bridge many of us affectionately refer to as the coathanger - the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have completed the Bridge Climb many years ago, and whilst I recommend it because it is an incredible experience, there is a much more affordable, and faster alternative, for similar views.

The Pylon on the city side - here on the right - is open for exploring. You enter the stairs from the road level of the bridge. We had braced ourselves for a big, hard climb, but before we knew it we had reached the top look out point.

Completing the circuit at the top, we enjoyed each views, from the city to the bridge. We watched as ferries came and went past the Opera House into and out of Circular Quay.

Inside at the top level there is a photo exhibition of the Bridge, and also evidence of the crazy cat lady who used to live up here with her cats, and was the curator opening the pylon for visitors years ago.

In addition to the views, the pylon has several rooms of displays, including a video playing in the small theatre, outlining the history of the Bridge, from concept to design, to construction, and the role it has played in Sydney life.

It was such a surprisingly good and unusual thing to do in Sydney, and for such a small cost.

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