Sunday, March 16, 2014

The National At Sydney Opera House

Seeing one of my favourite bands, off the back of a year with an album release that I loved, at the forecourt of one of Australia's most iconic buildings, on a warm Summer's night - can there be a better gig!? I worked hard on logistics to attend this, and all that wrangling of life was so worth it! What a night!

The National came on stage just as the light in the sky was fading, and Sydney's Opera House and Habour Bridge were lighting up. Jess and I had just caught the very end of the support band, and soon abandoned the long bar line as the starting time drew closer.

Opening with Don't Swallow The Cap and then I Should Live In Salt, the band then played Mistaken For Strangers, previewing the mix of albums this set list would feature.

Bloodbuzz Ohio brought the crowd and collective singing back, before Demons and Sea Of Love from the new album were played. Afraid Of Everyone and Conversation 16 rose the crowd again.

I Need My Girl was dedicated to usual bassist Scott, who was back home, having just welcomed a new baby - and just maybe, watching the live stream! The beautiful This Is The Last Time, was next.

Pink Rabbits, England and Graceless was a powerful trio later in the set, before an amazing About Today.

The encore of the near 2 hour show finally featured a rousting Mr. November, complete with Matt Berninger riding the tops of the crowd to "I used to be, carried in the arms of cheerleaders".

Back to the stage for the final two songs of the night, Terrible Love was an on-mass sing-a-long right there under the stars, before the incredible acoustic Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks, where the whole band stepped to the front of the stage, and led the crowd to sing the whole song. The memory of this still gives me goosebumps.

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