Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back in Briton

It's raining, it's meant to be summer - I am definately back in the UK! Back to the land where crossing the road is a major life risking endeavour, because cars don't pause, let alone brake, for pedestrians. Where noone understands the concept of lining up, and walking up and planting yourself at the front of people waiting for whatever you want is perfectly acceptable. And where people on the footpath can stop and start moving in any random direction, at any time, with a complete disregard for other people around them. I had thought all these frustrations were in my head, but having called in back home, these are definately not accaptable behaviours at home.

There is a distinct air about London this time. An alert and cautious, what-are-you-doing-with-a-bag-on-the-tube, vibe. Traveling back in from the airport with my two backpacks, I felt very watched!

Of course, I am a foreigner, and occasionally my hair is dark - maybe I could be a terrorist. Things have really gotten out of hand with all this, hasn't it? Human rights and dignity can apparently be completely disregarded when it comes to "anti-terrorist laws". It seems having a man in custody, like holding him down, is no longer enough - apparently he needs a round of bullets in his head to make sure they got him. The "shoot to kill" policy should maybe take a backseat to a "check the facts" policy, don't you think? No excuse sits with me for this, and I doubt that poor Brazillian's family will ever accept them. Surely if the guy was suspected to be loaded with explosives (under a denim jacket, mind you!), firing a gun at close range can't be the best thing to do? How does anyone shot someone in the head that many times? I don't care what they thought he did. Human rights and due process seem to be forgotten, along with basic dignity, it seems. The arrests on Friday of more suspects had the men ordered to strip down to their underwear, or come out naked, with their hands up......that's great....

The world has gone mad. I can't tell you how sick all this makes me feel.


  1. I have to say Tash, the cars that don't brake and the people who can't line up are all tourists or just Londoners! Being out in the countryside where they are -all- very English, I find it very quaint watching them line up for the bus. I've never lined up neatly in a queue for a bus back home! And the drivers are quite polite. I always get right of way when it's a two way street with only room for one car to go through. Maybe they just find Indy irresistible! hehe. Welcome back!

  2. Tash,

    Are you serious about people not lining up?

    The English love queuing so much it's ridiculous...

    I swear they'll see one and just join it despite having no idea what it's for just because they enjoy it...

    Why in the last week I've queued for buses, in the bank, to pick up concert tickets, at the bakery, for toilets, at the tube station, to get into a nightclub!


  3. I don't know where you two are lining up! I have been in the little country villages too, and they are ALL rude, and oblivious to the concept of other people. I am always stunned, and wonder what they think the people actually lining up are doing.
    It's the one in ten people who think the front of the line is made just fo them - annoy me to no end!


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