Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cricket related stress

I think I am developing an ulcer. My heart rate certainly hasn't settled down yet. And I definately have a stress headache today! The Ashes is too close!!

The third test in a row where it has come down to the wire, and I have been watching with breath held, biting my nails, heart racing.

And now it's in the balance, and all down to the final Fifth Test. Australia has to win, and thus draw the series, to retain The Ashes. England could win, and earn The Ashes back. And they have a very good chance! It's all very scary!!

Fair play to the English squad - they have played some very good cricket. While the Aussie lads have been lacking...in all departments! Although, thank goodness for Bing and Warne - our only specks of pride so far.

I feel my stomach bottom out at the mere idea of losing The Ashes, and especially of being an Aussie living in London when it happens....oh no! The horror! I can't even think about it!!

I do, however, have every faith that our Ricky will make sure that his name does not go down in history as the first Australian captain in 18 years to lose The Ashes.

The real question is - will I have access to a TV for the all important days during my next assignment??

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