Thursday, August 18, 2005

Skin of our Aussie teeth!

What a stressful and sensational end to the Test match!! I have never cheered harder in my life for a draw before!! Our prayers for rain went unheard, and our hope for runs didn't turn out either - but somehow the lads hung on to draw an all but lost match!

Our day off on Saturday was a lucky strike, given that with all the rain there was only maybe 7 overs of play for the whole day. I walked around Manchester city for a bit, and got a feel for the place - feels very like Melbourne, actually. Wandered up to Piccadilly Gardens, the Northern Quarter, and the funky looking buildings like the Urbis.

Sunday was a slow day at Old Trafford, and the game was poised for trouble on the 5th.

We managed to get into the match on Monday, but only just. One of the crew doesn't realise how lucky we are! After figuring out the queue, and jumping the line in all honesty, we managed to get great seats, and we settled in for about 7 hours of nail biting cricket!

Plenty of ribbing for our flag waver, our stressed group got through the day with elevated blood pressure, and a fear for our lives! The English crowd are loud and proud, and they are really quite awesome when in full voice. They think they are funny, too...

You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony

Gee, that's hilarious, isn't it??!!
Get your (something) stars, off our flag

After hearing that chant about 15 times over the last couple of days, I have a new appreciation for the idea of a Republic!! Hee hee.

Our team of 4 on the last day ended in hugs and elation with the last ball bowled, with our last wicket still in tact. The Ashes is still alive now...bring on Trent Bridge boys! (More photos.)

How about those Hawks, though, hey! I got a call from the 'G early Sunday morning so that I could hear the victory song - have I not waited years for that win!! Would have given my left arm to have been there!!

Back to reality and back to work today. Need to dry out, keep out of the sun for a bit, and earn the rent!! Hee hee!


  1. The way the media was going on over here, you'd have thought we won it. C'mon boys! It's all a bit of a shambles at the moment.

  2. Good to see Charlie has not gained too much weight.


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