Monday, October 10, 2005

AFL in London

Recovery day today, after spending the day at the footy yesterday. Jenny, Charles, Harminder, and I headed down to The Oval here in London for the annual AFL exhibition match. And I don't care what the critics say, I loved seeing a bit of real footy action in London!

Of course, as the critics have said, it is just an excuse for the Aussie expats in London to have a day of drinking - but what's wrong with that! Walking into the ground, late as usual (wouldn't want to break tradition just cos I am on the other side of the world!! Hee hee!), there was such an array of different team jumpers, all brought together. That can't be bad!

Shortened quarters, smaller ground, and without the big names in the sides, Freo and the West Coast played it out for the AFL Challenge Trophy with a bit of the traditional London game biff here and there. I spent the 3rd quarter in the line at the bar, making the game feel like it just wizzed past! Freo won in the end, and we were treated to hearing their theme song over and over. Oh dear! (More photos)

The traditional pitch invasion by the crowd was then on - I must admit, I was a little disappointed that noone took on the lax security before the final siren!

The pub was the next stop for us, naturally, and the remainder of the day is a little hazy to recall.


  1. Any Streakers?
    It wasn't even televised this year as last year was too much of a disgrace.

  2. Ahh, no. No streakers. Shame really. The game could have done with it!
    The fully nude male and female streakers at the cricket were top value!


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