Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day in London

Since my last post I have curled up in the squishy chairs at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill to see Memoirs of a Geisha (with a glass of red and a brownie to die for - very good!), and then saw Fun with Dick and Jane the next night after a few jugs of sangria.

On Wednesday, after a little work trip out past Cambridge, I met up with Nat, Cam, Kimberley and Caitlin to see Australia Day in Australian time, in appropriately. Nat had managed to find us a place with both Boags and Coopers! Jackpot!

It was all wrong having Australia Day in the bitter cold, and having to work! All wrong. Although ducking off to the pub for a meat pie and wee pint helped!

And then at beer o'clock, some of us from work hot-footed it into the city for a celebratory night at the Shaftsbury Avenue Walkabout. Emy, Laura and I met Charles inside, after a tiny line up (nothing too serious at all!), and got stuck into the beloved Carlton Cold. Nat and Cam, and then Kimberley joined us, and Niny and some of her mates too.

I am surprised I have a voice today, given the belting out of classics like Working Class Man, You're The Voice, and Land Downunder that was going on. Hee hee. I had such a fun night! (More photos.)

Needless to say, I am feeling very rough this morning. Trying to piece together details of the night, trying to avoid having a chuck on the tube...all signs of a good night! Hee hee!

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